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Agrium Interviews

Congratulations on your interview! Every company interviews differently, here are some hints that may help you in your interview at Agrium.

Interview style:
Agrium uses an interview method called behavior based interviews to determine if you are right for the position. This means we use past behavior and experiences as a predictor of future performance. Your interviewer may inquire about past job performance to assess how you would handle a similar situation at Agrium. For example, he or she may ask:

Tell us about the time you had to learn something in a short period of time. How did you learn it?

Depending on the type of job you are interviewing for, you may also be asked technical questions to demonstrate your skill set. In this case you will most likely be sitting in front of a panel.

The Interview Panel:
A panel interview usually has two or three interviewers present. Typically, this would include the hiring supervisor and one or two other individuals (Human Resources Advisor/ Recruiter or individual from the hiring department). You will meet with someone who can relate to your skill set and experience.

Take the time to prepare:
We recommend you proactively identify questions that may be asked in your interview. Identify stories or examples from previous jobs that will indicate your strength, skills and even areas where you have learned lessons.

When the interviewer says, "Do you have any questions?":
Ask questions, be engaged and get to know the person across the table. This gives you the opportunity to show your passion for the career you hope to have. Engaging your interviewer in meaningful conversation may also set you apart from others interviewed.

One of the interviewers' top goals is to get you to relax so they can be sure they are getting the best information possible on which to base their decision. One of the easiest ways for you to relax is to be prepared. Another trick may be to arrive at the interview 15 minutes before to collect your thoughts and walk into the interview confident and ready.

No trick questions:
There will not be any trick questions asked. Don't over think the questions just focus on your past experience.

Don't give up:
If you don't experience success the first time, don't give up, try again. Agrium has hired employees that applied several times unsuccessfully before getting the job they wanted. If setbacks occur, don't take it personally.

Bring your resumé to the interview. This is a great tool for you to stay on track ensuring you don't miss telling us about your key experiences.

Agrium values an Inclusive Workplace and will give equal opportunity to all people with the required qualifications.